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The International Glossary on Infertility and Fertility Care

The following glossary was developed in 2017 by a global panel of more than 100 multidisciplinary experts, professional organisations, and patient representatives to provide consensus agreement on 283 items and definitions. Published in Fertility and Sterility (FNS) and Human Reproduction (HR).
A printable version of the 2017 Glossary and more information on the methodology, and a list of previous compiled glossaries can be found here.

Recipient (ART)

A person or couple who receives donated eggs, sperm or embryos for the purposes of initiating a pregnancy with the intention of becoming a legally recognized parent.

Recipient ART cycle

An ART cycle in which a woman receives zygote(s) or embryo(s) from donor(s) or a partner.

Recurrent spontaneous abortion/miscarriage

The spontaneous loss of two or more clinical pregnancies prior to 22 completed weeks of gestational age.

Reproductive surgery

Surgical procedures performed to diagnose, conserve, correct and/or improve reproductive function in either men or women. Surgery for contraceptive purposes, such as tubal ligation and vasectomy, are also included within this term.

Retrograde ejaculation

A condition that causes the semen to be forced backward from the ejaculatory ducts into the bladder during ejaculation.
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