Recommendations for Women and Men Suffering from Infertility

For the first time ever, recommendations from major health organizations and fertility experts are to avoid pregnancies and discontinue fertility treatments whenever possible. This is creating an obvious crisis for individuals and couples who badly want to have a child and have had their treatment changed or even cancelled.

Our recommendations are to suspend the initiation of new treatments and postpone all other non-urgent fertility interventions until we know more. This is based on the knowledge that COVID-19 can generate significant morbidity and mortality even in healthy young persons, including its unknown impact on pregnancy and the newborn.

For those already in IVF treatment, we recommend oocyte and/or embryo cryopreservation in order to postpone pregnancy. There is abundant scientific information showing that the chances of becoming pregnant should not be negatively affected by oocyte or embryo freezing.

Infertility patients should follow all the recommendations from federal, state and local authorities, just like everyone else, as we all work together to mitigate the impact of this pandemic. Also, keeping good health habits for the body and the mind will ensure proper preparation for the time when infertility treatment can be resumed.

ICMART is proud to recommend the following websites of the WHO and professional organizations with whom we partner that contain evidence-based information regarding COVID-19 and appropriate responses in different parts of the world: